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    “Will the residential mortgage market ever return to the loose and
    easy money policy of 2007 and before?”

    No-one can say for sure. What we do know, however, is that banks are still very much in the lending business despite what we read or hear on the news. If banks do not lend then shareholders, account holders and building society members begin to wonder why they are keeping faith with that institution. They all want a return on their money of some description, whether it be a dividend or interest payment.

    We understand at Opening Doors Finance that every client has a set of circumstances that is, at least, just a little different to the next person. That means we cannot, and do not, assume that you automatically “fit” with a particular lender. We use our experience and connections across the whole of the mortgage market to place you with the most suitable lender.

    Once we have secured the mortgage for you, always aiming for the most preferential rate available to you at the time, we act as your Project Manager until your mortgage completes successfully and as smoothly as possible. We do all we can to take away the burden of securing your finance and to liaise with the various team members, so to speak, that are involved in helping you buy your property:

    • Accountant
    • Employer’s HR department (if applicable)
    • Solicitor
    • Estate Agent
    • Valuer / Surveyor

    Above all, what our experience tells us is that clients value greatly being up to date on what’s happening. They don’t like periods of silence. It makes them nervous! So, we keep you fully informed every step of the way until you have the monies safe & sound and the property is yours or the remortgage is complete.

    Allow us the opportunity to assist you with securing your mortgage. Feel free to contact us by telephone, email or by Clicking Here to seek Mortgage and Financial Advice

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