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    “1 in 300 People in the UK are Property Millionaires”

    (Source: Zoopla, 2011)

    With the odds being stacked so strongly in favour of being successful in property, it is hardly surprising that many turn to this asset class as their preferred type of investment. Whether it be through their own home as their only investment; or a Buy-to-Let property; or a commercial property of some type (office or retail for example); Opening Doors Finance will advise you on the best way to maximise your net rental income or minimise your cost of debt finance.

    In spite of the news in the media, there have been mainstream and specialist funders that have still been lending money throughout the credit crisis, albeit at a premium. At Opening Doors Finance we have taken the time to understand what these lenders require and to learn exactly what they are looking for. The finance market has definitely changed and lenders are now identifying the types of borrower and project they are looking for with far greater precision.

    It is *not* all about a perfect credit rating!

    In this climate, two of the most important skills you need from anyone giving you advice on property finance are:

    • Deep Knowledge of Lender’s Ideal Project / Client
    • Speed


    Money is loaned in tranches and because we know who to approach specifically for your circumstances, we can quickly secure some of that money on your behalf. You may be the perfect borrower for one funder or lender but not for another. Matching you to the best source of finance for you, and doing so without delay or friction, is vital.

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